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Root canal therapy entails removing an infected tooth’s dental pulp, cleaning it, and filling it to prevent further infection. Monroe Family Dentistry provides root canal treatments.

While teeth may appear to be invincible pearly whites that break down food and contribute to a beautiful smile, they are made up of layers that might deteriorate over time. Without proper care, a tooth might get damaged enough to reveal the inner layer, known as the dental pulp. Infected tooth pulp will produce varied degrees of pain during eating, speaking, or at any time of day. Fortunately, we can assist.

We can utilize root canal treatment to remove infected tooth pulp, preventing the illness from spreading to adjacent teeth and relieving discomfort. This technique will also assist to safeguard the tooth from future infections. Root canal procedures may be a long-term remedy to an infected tooth.

If you feel pain or sensitivity in a tooth, please get in touch with us to book an appointment to evaluate if root canal treatment will help.


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