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At Monroe Family Dental Care, dentures may be the ideal option for people looking for an economical alternative that does not require surgery. We provide partial dentures for people who still have some natural teeth and full dentures for patients who require complete arch restoration. Our dentures are all custom-made to look like your real teeth and fit comfortably over your gums.
A removable denture replaces lost teeth and gum tissue. Partials are utilized when one or more of the natural teeth still exist. They are often made up of new teeth linked to a plastic base, which helps the remaining teeth stay in their current position. Complete dentures include both conventional and instant dentures. Traditional implants are inserted approximately 12 weeks after the natural teeth have been extracted and the gums have healed. Immediate implants are placed immediately following the extraction of the natural teeth.

We can use several dental implants to secure a partial or complete denture to your jaw, providing a more stable and non-removable repair. This offers superior health protection and long-term results.


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