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Monroe Family Dentistry is a top rated dental clinic in Tupelo, MS that focuses on providing our patients the most up to date dental techniques in a comfortable and friendly environment. We strive to make each patient’s dental experience the best and change lives one smile at a time.


Complete your forms online before your appointment.

Call us with any questions at 662.845.4311.

Complete your forms online before your appointment.

Call us with any questions at 662.845.4311

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Family Dentistry Tupelo MS


Family Dentistry Tupelo MS


Why should I go to the dentist regularly?

It is important to see your dentist regularly. By seeing your dentist regularly, you are taking the necessary preventative measures to keep your teeth healthy. It also allows for earlier treatment when issues arise, therefore, leading to fewer issues long term.

Why do I need to floss?

While you may think that brushing your teeth alone is enough, it is important to floss in addition. Brushing removes the plaque and bacteria left on your teeth. Flossing removes the bacteria that is hiding in the tiny spaces your toothbrush cannot reach. Brushing your teeth only cleans about 60% of the plaque and tartar that builds up daily in your mouth and on your teeth. Flossing takes care of the other 40% as it reaches places where toothbrush bristles just cannot go.

What is local anesthesia?

During a dental procedure, local anesthetic is injected to prevent you from feeling pain during a filling, tooth extraction, crown, dental emergency, or other procedures. This will keep you comfortable during your treatment by stopping the nerves from sending pain producing signals to your brain.

How can I prevent cavities?

Spending two to three minutes brushing your teeth twice daily helps to remove the bacteria that causes cavities. In addition, flossing once a day gets rid of the bacteria between your teeth.
Watching your sugar intake can also help in the prevention of cavities. Keep in mind foods like raisins or peanut butter that are more likely to stick to your teeth.
Rinsing your mouth out after eating, especially if you are not able to brush afterward, helps prevent bacteria from building up.
These few helpful tips, along with your regular visits to the dentist, will help you prevent cavities.